Ahmed Zatar

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Zatar was born in Whittier, CA and grew up in Orange County. He attended college at Cypress College and studied Biomedical with a minor in Business Marketing. While he was in college, he was looking for a part time job; he was attracted to the growth of the sales and consulting industry. Working hand in hand with the most recognizable brands across the nation and increasing their profit margins through in person contact is a premium and will always be invaluable. Customer relationships and experience will never lose value and is the future for all businesses. Ahmed was recognized multiple times as the top sales rep in the nation on two campaigns before launching his own business.

Today, Ahmed is excited about the future of Allegiant Business Solutions, Inc. He seeks to grow the market for his clients and expand throughout the nation working with multiple Fortune 500 clients in a variety of industries.  Outside of work, he loves to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, skydiving, going to the beach and traveling. Ahmed considers himself a student of life and spends a majority of his time growing himself spiritually, mentally and physically.

Ruby Aguayo

Outside of the office she enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling, listening to podcasts/reading, and going to local coffee shops. (She is a HUGE coffee enthusiast!)